Friday, February 17, 2012

I Hate Myself for Loving You

I am in a very unhealthy and one sided relationship.
It's a Love/Hate relationship with my house.

Most of the time I like my house. I Like the fact that it's so close to work, I like that fact that I have a fenced yard for my dog to play in.
It's not big but big enough for me and the puppy with a little extra space if I have someone in for a visit.
But....sometimes I feel like I'm living out the movie Money Pit....

I DON'T LIKE when things start to break or need to be replaced. I am NOT handy. I HATE Home Depot and Lowes! Really! I feel stupid when I walk in there.
It always seems like every thing falls apart at the same time. I have about 10 different kinds of light bulbs it seems. Everytime I need to replace one it seems I get the wrong one. HA!
When my kitchen disposal quit working it was a very sore subject. Grrrr.
My air conditioner stops cooling each summer cause it has a very slow leak so I have to get that serviced. Ugh!
When my toilet handle broke off recently, I almost had a panic attack thinking that I didn't even know where to begin!
Needless to say I'm a very girly girl when it comes to fixing things around the house (I don't even mow my own grass, in fact.... NEVER mowed a lawn in my life!).
It's sometimes tough being a single gal and having to deal with that stuff instead of passing it on to your signifcant other.

To my other single gal friends that have homes to deal with let me salute you! The next time you have issues with your house you can do what I do, close the door to that room and have some wine!